Our brand

Our brand

Aesthetic and Innovative Micro-cannulas

SoftFil® is a French brand specialized in aesthetic medicine, a pioneer in the micro-cannula industry and in the creation of injection techniques. In order to best support healthcare professionals, the company is developing innovative tools dedicated to improving injection safety, in compliance with international quality regulations.

Today SoftFil® products are distributed in more than 90 countries around the world. The brand is recognized by many experts as reliable and meeting all the quality and safety requirements in the field. Our medical and cosmetic ranges have become essential tools for physicians aiming for safer procedures and natural results.

SoftFil®, a pioneering brand with an innovative DNA

Since 2009, Dr Sandrine Sebban, a Parisian aesthetic doctor with more than 20 years of experience, has been developing the use of the micro-cannula in her field. Used in cosmetic surgery, micro-cannulas have been transformed to adapt to the needs of aesthetic medicine. More secure, less invasive and less painful than conventional needles, the development of this revolutionary tool was at the origin of SoftFil’s creation. As a pioneer within the aesthetic medicine industry, the company has been striving for more than ten years to optimize the injection experience, by designing a complete range of tools serving the comfort of physicians and the satisfaction of patients. The company has one priority: to innovate and to continuously create new ways of providing healthcare professionals with the tools they need for more secure procedures and more natural results

Designing the future of beauty with reliable and safe tools for practitioners

In the world of beauty and aesthetic medicine, expectations are constantly changing according to fashions and technological advances. In this versatile industry, the objective of the SoftFil teams remains the same: to simplify and secure the practice of aesthetic medicine. Their mission is to combine the inventiveness of R&D, the power of current technology and the demand for optimum quality to create the products that will shape the future of the beauty industry.

Therefore, SoftFil has developed several ranges of products and services such as:

  • The Classic and Precision ranges, secure injection devices, sold in kits of needles and micro-cannulas
  • The SoftFil EasyGuide, a revolutionary patent pending pre-hole needle for simplified injections and much more
  • A Skincare range of products aimed for medical professionals to optimize their aesthetic procedures and improve their patients’ comfort.
  • The SoftFil Academy, a training platform to teach micro-cannula injection techniques in collaboration with world-renowned aesthetic medicine experts

The SoftFil® brand: a guaranteed quality

Since its creation, SoftFil has been committed to a rigorous quality policy that emphasizes on the satisfaction of aesthetic medicine practitioners and patients. Its products are subject to strict quality controls and regulations. The company has several certifications, including ISO 13485: 2016 / EN ISO 13485: 2016. Its SoftFil® Classic, SoftFil® Precision and SoftFil® EasyGuide injection medical devices are certified by GMed and are marked CE0459, they are guaranteed 100% sterile, single-use and strictly reserved for healthcare professionals.

The superior quality of its products makes SoftFil the trusted partner of many aesthetic physicians around the world.

SoftFil: creator of the Soft Filling Technique

Injection method for optimized use of the micro-cannula, natural and immediate results

The world of aesthetic medicine is constantly evolving. After injections with silicone and botulinum toxin (Botox), hyaluronic acid has become within a few years the best alternative for anti-ageing injections.

SoftFil believes that a successful experience is based on the choice of the best tools and a flawless technique. In order to ensure that the injected area is treated in a balanced way without any swelling or unsightly defect, we recommend the Soft Filling Technique. Developed by Dr. Sandrine Sebban, for natural and immediate results, without social eviction.

This technique considers the face as a whole and allows the natural restoration of contours by using very few insertion points (2 to 4) on each side to cover the entire face.

The Soft Filling Technique is atraumatic thanks to the use of the micro-cannula and therefore does not require anesthesia. It causes fewer inflammatory reactions than the needle technique, which gives better comfort during and after the treatment.

Discover all of the information on the Soft Filling Technique on our SoftFil Academy micro-cannula injection education platform.