SoftFil® EasyGuide Micro-cannulas

SoftFil® EasyGuide Micro-cannulas


The SoftFil® EasyGuide pre-hole needle reinvents the doctor’s gesture, for an easier use and safer injections. Approved  by many key opinion leaders, SoftFil® EasyGuide is an innovative medical device under international patent. It allows a 2-in-1 gesture, combining both the creation of an insertion point and the injection with a micro-cannula.

8 sizes from 22G to 27G.

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A half-needle to perfectly guide the insertion of the cannula

Thanks to its unique half-needle shape, the cannula is perfectly positioned and then guided in the desired direction and depth of injection by sliding into the gutter of the needle. This “pilot needle” combines in a single gesture the creation of the pre-hole and at the same time the insertion of the cannula.*

*USE-CEG Report

V-shaped for more stability

Its unique double grip design allows ambidextrous use and provides perfect stability. Its V-shaped design provides an axis of insertion for the cannula and makes it easier to handle the needle for professionals who are naturally closer to the injection zone.*

*USE-CEG Report

A specific design for optimal aseptic conditions

The SoftFil® EasyGuide needle has been specifically designed for the comfort of the practitioner. Its shape allows optimal asepsis whether it is placed on a table or in the hands of the doctor.*

*USE-CEG Report

A specific surface treatment for more safety

The use of the SoftFil® EasyGuide pre hole needle allows gentle contact with the patient’s skin and reduces trauma, bruising and edema

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