SoftFil® Topilase®

SoftFil® Topilase®


Topilase® is a topical care that safely shapes and reduces the unwanted presence of hyaluronic acid to adjust the skin’s ideal hyaluronic acid level.

Topilase® is strictly reserved for health professionals registered with the order of physicians. Its use is recommended following a skin diagnosis by health professionals.

Sold in a 3ml bottle with a dosing tip.

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The first topical hyaluronidase based dermo-adjust care

Created by an aesthetic doctor, Topilase® is an innovative care that provides a non-invasive response to excess hyaluronic acid.


Adjusts the volume of hyaluronic acid to restore the skin’s natural appearance.


Models and unifies the surface of the skin.


Smoothes surface irregularities and reduces defects associated with the presence of hyaluronic acid.

A patent-pending formula of 100% natural origin ingredients

Topilase® is presented in a double compartment vial containing:

1. A liquid solution

concentrated in 100% natural ingredients selected for their repairing, soothing, purifying and anti-swelling capacities.

2. An enzymatic complex

concentrated in dispersing agents to improve the permeability of the skin.

An easy protocol for each form of irregularity

Discover how to use Topilase® with this tutorial video.

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