Our history

Our history

Foundation of Soft Medical Aesthetics

Soft Filling technique : a breakthrough technique able to give some volume back to the face, lips and correct wrinkles in a very subtle way using only a few insertion points, typically 2 to 4, on each side of the face. It allows the treatment of the face as a whole, an a-traumatic procedure and pain free, with natural results.

SoftFil® Classic : launch of the original range of SoftFil® Classic cannulas: a revolutionnary range of blunt tip needles in stainless steel (8 sizes with different lengths and caliber, from 18G to 30G)
Creation of the On-Line shop
SoftFil® Precision : Launch of the SoftFil® Precision cannulas in 11 sizes:

Main innovations are :
- Extra-large inner caliber to reduce injection pressure
- Centimetric graduations, to control the injection depth
- Specific surface treatment allowing a perfect sliding under the skin
- Red dot on hub indicating the side orifice location

SoftFil® Post-Act Mask : With the SoftFil Post-Act Mask, SoftFil launches its SkinCare range and its first post-injection skin care. Containing hyaluronic acid, it moisturizes and soothes the face after injections, peelings and laser treatments...
SoftFil® Sublim' Mask : New innovation in the face care with the SoftFil Sublim Mask in bio-cellulose for a second skin effect.
SoftFil® Roller : Range of rollers developed for the eyes and lips, face and body, one use only, medical and home use.

SoftFil Post Act Glove: Stimulate skin cell regeneration of the hands and hydration.
SoftFil® Precision new sizes: 16G 70mm, 16G 90mm, 25G 40mm and 27G 25mm

SoftFil® Sublim' Eye Patch Contour : Decongested and brighter eyes with the new patch in hydrogel for an optimal diffusion of the active ingredients.
SoftFil® EasyGuide : Revolutionnary international patent pending : a 2 in 1 « pilote needle » for easy injections. Launched in 4 sizes.

SoftFil® Needle : needles inspired by the design of the SoftFil® Precision with centimetric graduations and a red dot on hub indicating the side orifice location.
SoftFil® EasyGuide: Extension of the range with 2 new sizes: 22G 50mm and 23G 70mm

SoftFil® Precision: 4 new sizes: 22G 90mm, 25G 30mm, 26G 13mm and 27G 50mm
SoftFil® EasyGuide: New sizes 23G30mm and 23G50mm

SoftFil® Precision: New sizes 18G90mm, 20G70mm and 20G90mm
Launch of a new visual identity that marks a new start for the brand now divided into SoftFil Medical with orange logo, SoftFil® Cosmetics with black logo and SoftFil Academy .

Launch of a new website

Launch of a patent-pending hyaluronidase based topical care: Topilase®

Launch of 5 new cannulas sizes completing the SoftFil® Precision body range
SoftFil® Topilase has received three awards since its launch, recognizing its effectiveness and highlighting the innovation it represents for aesthetic medicine

In May 2022, SoftFil® became part of the Prollenium Group, which completes its brand portfolio with the Revanesse® dermal filler and the SoftFil® innovative medical devices.

Our Commitments

Who are we?

Soft Medical Aesthetics is a French company that was founded by the aesthetic physician Dr Sandrine Sebban in 2009. Pioneer in the micro-cannula industry, SoftFil was one of the first company to introduce micro-cannula to the aesthetic field. At SoftFil, we are dedicated to developing the safest environment for physicians in the aesthetics industry through a variety of products from micro-cannulas and needles to cosmetics. We are committed to promoting these best practices through education, accessible for all, from anywhere in the world, with our academy.

Our team of employees in France works closely with a large network of international distributors to bring the latest SoftFil® innovations to aesthetic doctors in over 90 countries and offer them the most efficient service. 

Our missions?

Be the privileged partner of medical professionals specialized in injections and anti-aging treatments through a wide offer of products, always innovating to bring the latest technologies to our clients.

Soft Medical Aesthetics is therefore committed to satisfying market requirements, whilst being conscious of innovation and quality. Supported by numerous experts recognized in the anti-ageing field, we thrive to continually develop new products and services.

Our values?

At Soft Medical Aesthetics, we are dedicated to a set of 5 values, reflecting and shaping our behaviors and organizational culture:

Collaboration: We work together as a team of employees and network of distributors towards a common purpose and shared goals.

Innovation: We embrace change, think differently, question everything, we lead the way forward in a tireless pursuit of results.

Excellence: We aim to provide the best products in the medical industry for our clients and the safest possible outcome for their patients. We are committed to deliver an outstanding service to our customers for an optimum satisfaction.

Integrity: We take pride in our work built around the highest standards of quality. We are authentic in our interactions and communicate openly, honestly, and respectfully.

People first: We wish to create a culture of warmth and belonging for each of our employees. We make sure our team feels appreciated, valued, and provide and environment that fosters personal development and professional growth.

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