SoftFil® EasyGuide®: Why is it the best pre-hole needle?

December 13, 2021

SoftFil® EasyGuide®: Why is it the best pre-hole needle?

SoftFil®’s main mission is to create innovative tools for a safer practice of aesthetic medicine. The comfort and well-being of the physician and the patient are at the center of its concerns. One of the brand’s major innovations is the SoftFil® EasyGuide pre-hole needle. In this article, you will discover all the advantages of this revolutionary tool that optimizes the physician’s gesture and introduces the era of injection 2.0.

Designed by doctors and approved by opinion leaders, SoftFil® EasyGuide is the essential tool that optimizes injections. A true companion to the micro-cannula, its needle is not only a pre-hole tool but also a cannula guide that facilitates the physician’s gesture. The injection 2.0 with SoftFil® EasyGuide is fluid and comfortable for the physician and his patient.

SoftFil® EasyGuide: the injection tool 2.0 – more than just a pre-hole needle

Created in 2013, the SoftFil® EasyGuide project was imagined by Dr. Sandrine Sebban, a world-renowned French aesthetic physician. A pioneer in micro-cannula injection techniques and the inventor of SoftFil® Topilase, Dr. Sebban wanted to create an innovative tool to optimize the injection gesture and facilitate the insertion of the micro-cannula.

Historically, the insertion of the micro-cannula into the skin is performed with a traditional needle. The pre-hole and the insertion of the micro-cannula are done in two distinct and discontinuous gestures. The pre-hole is not necessarily visible and obvious to find once the needle is removed, creating discomfort for the practitioner and his patient. SoftFil® EasyGuide was invented to solve this first problem. A tool offering a 2-in-1 fluid pre-hole and micro-cannula insertion procedure.

However, the thinking behind the design went much further. Our teams wished to create a medical device offering more comfort during insertion. They designed an ergonomic V shape, to offer practitioners a much more stable grip for both right and left-handed

Finally, the unique half-needle shape of SoftFil® EasyGuide has been designed as an intelligent guide for the micro-cannula to help it reach the desired injection level. A true precision tool, SoftFil® EasyGuide is an indispensable device for any practitioner, whether a beginner or an expert, wishing to optimize his or her cannula injections.

To date, SoftFil® EasyGuide is marketed in over 80 countries. Presented as an injection kit with SoftFil® Precision micro-cannulas, it has become the reference for a good number of aesthetic doctors and experts around the world. Awarded in 2017 at the Observer of Design, SoftFil® EasyGuide has been recognized as innovative and revolutionary for the practice of aesthetic medicine worldwide.

SoftFil® EasyGuide: A tool for all injection areas


When SoftFil® EasyGuide was first developed, it came in only two sizes. Today, it is available in 8 different sizes so that it can be used in all injection areas of the face. 




  • SoftFil® EasyGuide 22G50mm: ideal for tear trough, jowl and cheek
  • SoftFil® EasyGuide 23G30-50-70mm: ideal for the chin, retro-mandibular area, cheeks and dark circles
  • SoftFil® EasyGuide 25G40-50-60mm: ideal for chin, jowls, tear trough, dark circles, glabella, nose, forehead, neckline and hands
  • SoftFil® EasyGuide 27G40mm: ideal for lips, nose and eye area





Compatible with all facial injection areas, the use of the SoftFil® EasyGuide half-needle allows for a safe and reassuring practice of hyaluronic acid injection.

For more information and to find your local distributor, please visit the SoftFil® EasyGuide page.

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