Why choose the SoftFil® Precision 25G micro-cannula for your injections?

October 15, 2021

Why choose the SoftFil® Precision 25G micro-cannula for your injections?

The 25G injection microcannula is the world’s best-selling cannula and SoftFil®’s bestseller. Why is this size so popular? Why is it suitable for beginners and experienced users alike? What injection areas and lengths should be used? We decided to answer all your questions about the cannula that doctors love so much. 

In recent years, the demand for aesthetic medicine procedures has been increasing. Many aesthetic physicians are turning to micro-cannulas as the preferred method of administering fillers. The advantages of the micro-cannula over the injection needle are countless: better handling, less recovery time and above all, greater safety for the physician and his patient. 

Several scientific studies exist on the subject, including the American study in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology and Jama Dermatology that show micro-cannula injections are 77% safer than needle injections, “The panel believes that blunt-tip micro-cannulas are a significant advance in the field of non-surgical rejuvenation and a valuable addition to the options available for injecting soft tissue fillers.” 

SoftFil® offers the widest range of micro-cannulas on the market today, from 14G to 30G. If you are a novice and would like a first size to test for your injections, we recommend our best-selling micro-canula which is suitable for all areas: the SoftFil® Precison 25G

What are the advantages of the 25G micro-cannula? 

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced injector, the SoftFil® Precision 25G micro-cannula is a safe bet for the injection of a wide range of hyaluronic acid-based filling products.

  • SoftFil® Precision 25G: the right size for many injection areas

The 25G is the most versatile of the SoftFil® micro cannulas. For more than 10 years, the 25G size has been our most popular size because it allows for the injection of a maximum number of areas of the face and even the body. The list of facial areas for which the 25G cannula is adapted is long: the frontal, pre-tragonal, mandibular, glabellar, zygomatic, mandibular, sub-mandibular, commissural, nasal and naso-labial areas. The gauge of this cannula is adapted to the greatest number of fillers, more or less reticulated. It can therefore, depending on its length, access a maximum number of areas and injection planes. For facial injections, it is of course recommended to use wider gauges (22G / 23G) for the more cross-linked types of hyaluronic acid and to access deeper planes, as well as thinner gauges (27G/30G) for the less cross-linked fillers and to remain on a very superficial plane. 

The 25G cannula is also recommended for two very specific areas of the body: hand rejuvenation and foot sole injections. These increasingly popular procedures give additional utility to this cannula size for many areas. 

  • The 25G micro-cannula: the new recommended size for lip injection

We now know that the risk of bleeding, hematoma and swelling is reduced with the use of the round tip micro-cannula. Its introduction at a single entry point also allows for a balanced distribution of the product. For many years, experts recommended the use of 27G and 30G micro-cannulas for lip injections. Their thin diameter was preferred to approach such a sensitive area and to remain superficial. Many injectors accustomed to the use of the needle on the lip area were reassured by these diameters adapted to the low cross-linked fillers used most often on the lips. 

Recently, the multiplication of scientific studies and the trend towards safety above all have led injecting physicians to change their habits. The reflection around the lips, the most injected area in the world, has increased and the choice of the most adapted tool for this danger zone has been raised. The 25G size seems to be gaining importance in the recommendations of experts for lip injections. Its diameter, neither too big nor too small, adapted to a large number of fillers, reassures and its round tip secure.

Tip SoftFil®: Following a lip injection, do not hesitate to apply a few drops of SoftFil® Topilase® to reduce swelling and redness and even reduce possible over-corrections. 

Which length of 25G for which injection area? 

injection microcannula forehead

The temporal hollow and the lateral forehead: 

You can use all three available sizes of SoftFil® Precision 25G (25G40, 25G50 and 25G60) depending on your patient’s morphology. 

Why use the 25G in this area? The superficial temporal artery, facial nerve branch and reticular vessel of the lateral forehead are intimidating areas to treat with a sharp needle, using a 25G micro-cannula is less risky. 



injection cheeks microcannula


The zygomatico-malar and sub-malar area: 

We advise injectors to use the SoftFil® Precision 25G50 and 25G60.

Why use the 25G in this area? The use of the 25G micro-cannula reduces the number of entry points compared to needle injection. It also reduces post-injection redness and guarantees a more natural result, more quickly. 


injection lips microcannula

Lips :

To have perfectly injected lips with a natural look and without side effects, you can use three sizes depending on the depth of injection: 25G30, 25G40 and 25G50.

Why use the 25G on this area? The lip area is a high-risk area. This size allows a better safety for the patient and a balanced result, without swelling or bruising.



In conclusion, the 25 G micro-cannula is the choice for the injection of a maximum number of areas with the widest choice of fillers. This cannula is even used more and more in the lips for increased safety. This size allows for great flexibility but be careful not to neglect the importance of other sizes that are much more adapted to certain fillers that are more or less reticulated and injection planes. SoftFil® has also recently developed its range of cannulas for the body (14G to 20G) which are perfectly adapted to the current trend: body shaping with hyaluronic acid. 

Did you know that? The color of our SoftFil® identity is a tribute to the most used micro-cannula in the world, the 25G. Find out more in our article on our new SoftFil® identity

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