Why choose the micro-cannula for lip injections?

July 26, 2021

Why choose the micro-cannula for lip injections?

Who doesn’t dream of full, well-defined lips that reveal a perfect smile? The lip area is the most popular area for injection and aesthetic enhancement. Together with the eyes and the nose, they form the “triangle of beauty”, which explains the enthusiasm of the patients.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, lip augmentation procedures are experiencing tremendous and continued growth. Specifically, lip injections accounted for nearly 2.6 million procedures in 2018, with a total increase of 312% between 2000 and 2017.

Lip injection is a quick procedure, but sometimes the results achieved by less skilled practitioners can be obvious and unappealing. The vast majority of serious complications are attributable to non-physician injectors, whose knowledge of anatomy is approximate. There is an emerging and urgent need for certified and trained cosmetic physicians and surgeons for the growing aesthetic industry.

Each practitioner has his or her own approach to achieve the results desired by the patient. However, each will use either a sharp needle or a micro-cannula for the injection. So the question arises: what is the best way to inject lips?

This article explains why it is preferable to use micro-cannulas to perform a safe, natural and effective lip augmentation technique.

Why use a micro-cannula instead of a needle for lip augmentation?

Similar to traditional needles, microcannulas have a hollow bore that allows fillers like hyaluronic acid to pass into the tissue. The difference lies in the tips of the two injection tools. The needle has a pointed tip as opposed to the microcannulas, which are distinguished by their round tip. A JAMA Dermatology study published in December 2020 showed that microcannula injections in all areas are 77% safer than needle injections. The choice seems obvious, but how to inject the lips with the microcannula?

The method consists of numbing the skin with an anesthetic cream, then making a light pre-hole with special devices such as the SoftFil® EasyGuide and gently inserting the micro-cannula into the entry point. This method is gentler on the patient than traditional needle insertion, which traumatizes the tissue and leaves more bruising, but is also more dangerous with the risk of vascular occlusion.

Which micro-canulas should I use for lip injections?

At SoftFil, we recommend our SoftFil® Precision 25G50, 27G40 and 27G25 micro-cannulas for safe lip and commissural injections. The graduation makes it easier to identify the location of the micro-cannula during the injection. Don’t forget to refer to the red dot that allows you to better recognize the outlet of the filler for an optimal injection.

Finally, in order to have a better injection experience, we advise you to use hyaluronic acid-based fillers of medium concentration and medium viscosity. These are essentially soft fillers used for lips, wrinkles or under the eyes.

What are the advantages of using a micro-cannula for the lip area?

There are many benefits to using a round-tipped micro-cannula for lip augmentation, including:

  • Less pain: injections with a sharp needle can be very painful. This is due to the trauma caused by the sharp end of the needle, which leaves bruises after the injection. This is in contrast to micro-cannulas which cause a less painful pressure effect.
  • Precision: When a physician uses a micro-cannula with a blunt tip, he or she can better distribute the filler and inject with more precision to achieve natural, satisfactory results.
  • More natural results: With only one entry point, it is possible to treat a large part of the lip area, which makes the practitioner’s work much easier and allows for a better distribution of the product. The results are more natural and the patient is more satisfied.
  • Safety: As previously stated, micro-cannula injection is proven to be safer than needle injection. It is therefore an obvious option for any lip augmentation treatment.
  • Reduced risk of bleeding and bruising: Traditional needle injection with multiple entry points creates bleeding, swelling and the risk of entering danger zones. Round-tip micro cannulas eliminate these risks for a safe, single-entry injection.
  • No social exclusion: Sharp needles usually cause unavoidable bruising and swelling that lasts several days or even a week. Micro-cannulas avoid social exclusion and allow an immediate and natural result without risk.

Last tip from SoftFil®?

Don’t hesitate to use our revolutionary hyaluronic acid dermal adjuster Topilase® with your lip procedure. Following your injection procedure, take a small amount of Topilase® and apply it to your patient’s lips. This will allow you to get the desired results directly and reduce your patient’s discomfort or small swellings after the injection.

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