SoftFil® Topilase®: Everything you need to know about the topical dermo-adjust care

April 14, 2022

SoftFil® Topilase®: Everything you need to know about the topical dermo-adjust care

SoftFil® Topilase is the latest product in the SoftFil® Post Act Solutions line of professional pre- and post-treatment cosmetics. Its unique and 100% natural formula represents a revolution in the field of aesthetic medicine. For the first time, hyaluronidase is available as a topical care product and presents a non-invasive and effective alternative to doctors and their patients to correct excess injected hyaluronic acid and enhance the results of injections.

SoftFil® Topilase®: a revolutionary cosmetic with multiple awards

SoftFil® Topilase® is a product that provides aesthetic practitioners with a new way of performing their work that injectable hyaluronidase does not. Its first action is the most obvious: it adjusts the skin irregularities associated with hyaluronic acid injections. It therefore offers a non-invasive alternative without side effects to patients who do not want an injection or who only want to correct a small imperfection. But this care is also revolutionary because it allows not only to adjust but also to sublimate the results of the injections. A small amount of product applied to the lips will optimize the aesthetic care by ensuring a natural result that is so satisfying for patients.  

SoftFil® Topilase has received three awards since its launch, recognizing its effectiveness and highlighting the innovation it represents for aesthetic medicine:

  • R&D Prize in Aesthetic Medicine awarded by the Medical Aesthetic Awards organized by Anti-Âge Magazine
  • Award for the best innovation in Poland awarded by Stowarzysowanie Lekarzy Dermatologów Estety~ (Polish Society For Aesthetic Dermatology) at the 17th edition of Perły Dermatologii Estety
  • Award for Best Cosmetics in Monaco by the AMWC Aesthetic Medicine Awards 2022.


SoftFil® Topilase®: a care product designed to correct excesses but also to enhance the results of hyaluronic acid injections

Although hyaluronic acid injections are used to fill in wrinkles and restore volume to the face, it should not be forgotten that these injections require great vigilance, a mastery of anatomy and a real knowledge of injection techniques and tools. Topilase® is a topical, easy-to-use and effective treatment. It is an alternative for doctors who can now correct the imperfections associated with hyaluronic acid injections and enhance their post-treatment results.

This innovative care can be used on all areas of the face, here are some specifications:

  • Under-eye puffiness (Tyndall effect):

Injections in the eye contour area, such as dark circle treatments, are delicate and subject to often unsightly side effects. It is possible following an injection of hyaluronic acid to observe the appearance of bags under the eyes called Tyndall effects: migration of hyaluronic acid under the skin and the formation of a ball with bluish gray reflections under the eye. 

Topilase Tyndall Effect
Left : Before any application of Topilase Right : Result after 3 sessions of Topilase

In this case, we recommend applying two successive thin layers of Topilase® to the lower eyelid and massaging the area mechanically for a few minutes. The application of a dermaroller adapted to the area is possible for better results. Depending on the case, 1 to 4 sessions, each spaced one week apart, may be necessary to achieve the expected result.


  • Enhance your lip injections:

Who doesn’t dream of having perfect lips? Due to the rapid popularity of lip injections worldwide, many patients are getting fuller lips in minutes with hyaluronic acid injections. Nevertheless, side effects are sometimes observed in patients after the injections, ranging from a simple tension felt to cases of bruising in this highly vascularized area. 

We recommend that physicians make SoftFil® Topilase® part of their aesthetic routine and place a drop of product on the lips after their injections. This use of the product allows the patient to leave the practice with soothed lips, without any unwanted tension or swelling. This gesture ultimately enhances the results of hyaluronic acid injections in the lips and achieves the natural result so desired by patients. 

For old injections, the doctor can pour 2 drops of SoftFil® Topilase® on the lips and massage well mechanically in order to gently apply the filler. For best results, we recommend the use of the SoftFil® Skin Roller special Lip Dermaroller on the desired area. 

  • Adjustment of swellings

SoftFil® Topilase® is a true partner that has become essential in the practice of aesthetic medicine. The amount of product to be applied and the number of sessions required to correct a swelling observed following a hyaluronic acid injection depends on four factors:

– Amount of filler injected
– Texture of the filler
– Date of injection
– Depth of injection

Topilase® is a product intended for use by physicians and its application requires a medical diagnosis. Post-injection swelling may be observed such as nodules and each case requires a specific analysis. 1 to 4 sessions may be necessary for optimum results, provided that the protocol of use is followed.


How to optimize your Topilase® care with the SoftFil® cosmetic range?

Topilase® can be offered as a complete care with the SoftFil® Post-Act Solutions cosmetic range. Following the application of Topilase®, a manual massage is crucial for a good action of the product. In addition, a cosmetic range has been designed to optimize the results of the hyaluronidase-based topical care. First of all, for a better efficiency, the application of our SoftFil® Skin Roller is strongly recommended.

Then, don’t hesitate to use our vibrating post-injection SoftFil® Skin Massager to properly distribute SoftFil® Topilase® and stimulate the fibroblasts. 

Finally, for an even more satisfying result, we recommend the use of SoftFil® Post-Act Mask, a moisturizing mask that brightens and softens the skin. These ultra-powerful masks with proven results leave skin twice as hydrated in just 15 minutes. 

Do you have other questions about Topilase® or do you want to know if our product is available in your country? Feel free to consult the replays of our special topical hyaluronidase webinars or to ask us all your questions on our Topilase® form

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We wish you a great aesthetic experience with SoftFil® products! 

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