How to treat the neck and décolleté areas with 20G microcannulas?

July, 01 2022

How to treat the neck and décolleté areas with 20G microcannulas?

 For several years, aesthetic medicine has allowed for treatments of the face and neck with increasingly natural results that avoid overly invasive surgical procedures. The objective of all aesthetic treatments of the face and body is to fill in wrinkles, conceal imperfections and tighten sagging skin.

A major trend in aesthetic medicine is the injection of certain areas of the body with hyaluronic acid. More and more doctors are developing their practice by injecting new areas such as the neck, décolleté, hands or arms. This new trend is accompanied by the creation of adapted tools. Discover how to obtain natural results in the neck and décolleté area without surgery and simply by using a micro-cannula to inject hyaluronic acid. 

Why treat the neck and décolletage areas?

Nowadays, it is almost unthinkable to treat the face without treating the neck, oval and décolleté. Removing the signs of aging in a uniform manner on all the most visible areas helps preserve the aesthetic unity of beauty. As we age, the elasticity and thickness of the skin decreases and muscle tension increases at rest. The loss of proteins (collagen and elastin) in the dermis and the effects of gravity result in horizontal wrinkles on the neck, shoulder scalloped wrinkles and vertical wrinkles on the décolleté. Hyaluronic acid (HA) injectable fillers are widely used in these areas to slow down the aging process.

How to inject the neck area with the micro-cannula?

The neck has always been considered as a part of the body sign of grace and delicacy. Indeed, it is the neck that highlights the face by detaching it above the shoulders; it is also the neck that contributes to the elegance of the dancers’ gait.

With age, the skin of the neck, which is very thin, becomes criss-crossed with a fine network of wrinkles. The platysma muscle (which covers the entire neck and extends to the corner of the mouth) becomes hypertrophied and the platysmal bands (muscular cords stretched from the mandible to the clavicle) become apparent even when not under natural muscular contractions. Horizontal circles are formed along the neck like necklaces.

It is recommended to moisturize this area daily and to apply a strong protection against the sun. From the age of 40, or even before, depending on the area, it is possible to prevent the aging of the skin of the neck with hyaluronic acid injections. The injections will rehydrate the skin and help prevent wrinkles from deepening. When wrinkles are already present and sagging is visible, the injections will smooth the skin and tighten it.

In the SoftFil Academy Live MasterClass on neck and décolletage injections, Dr. Fabien Giausseran advises the use of the SoftFil Precision 20G70mm micro-cannula or the 25G50mm micro-cannula with a low cross-linked filler or a skinbooster.

softfil precision microcannula 20g70

The injection method recommended by our experts Dr. Giausseran consists of “a coating with the micro-cannula whose entry points must be located along the sterno cleido mastoid muscle at a distance from the trachea”. By adopting this method of taping along the muscle, the injection entry points are minimized and bruising and other skin breakdowns are avoided. Unlike needles which cause visible bruising for at least 48 hours, very frustrating for patients.

How to inject the décolleté area with the micro-cannula?

A true symbol of femininity and glamour, the décolleté deserves all the attention and must be considered with the greatest care. The décolleté is an area exposed to many external aggressions, which leads to accelerated aging and consequently to an alteration in the quality of the skin in this area. It is a fragile area for women because it is a thin skin. In addition, the cut of women’s clothing does not protect the neckline well from aggression: UV rays, cold, wind, pollution… and the fashion for sunbathing at the sea or in the mountains does not help.

The aging of the décolleté results in a progressive change in its appearance. Not only does the skin become more fragile, dehydrated and crumpled, but a variable number of brown spots, rosacea and even stretch marks appear at puberty and during pregnancy.

One of the main assets of seduction of women, it is at the center of concerns and deserves to be considered with the greatest care. Various injection techniques are available in aesthetic medicine. For a natural rejuvenation effect, combine the SoftFil Precision 20G70 or 90mm micro-cannula and a low cross-linked hyaluronic acid for an effective treatment. This technique gently smoothes the skin, while safely restoring firmness and elasticity.

softfil precision 20g microcannula

For the décolletage area, Dr. Giausseran recommends the use of the SoftFil Precision 20G90mm micro-cannula with fluid fillers in 1 or 2 entry points to minimize the effraction of the décolletage area. This technique allows for the safe removal of fibrotic tissue due to the thickness of the micro-cannula. Wrinkles of the décolleté are treated safely and in a single session. The choice of this size, which may seem intimidating to some doctors, is an excellent choice of size for the décolletage area. In fact, it is preferable to opt for large gauges rather than small diameters because it is safer.

Dr. Giausseran’s extra tip: With your non-injecting hand, remember to drape the subcutaneous plane with your fingers to limit the patient’s pain during and after the injection. 

Adopt the injection techniques of our KOLs with the SoftFil Academy:

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