SoftFil® is getting a facelift, discover our new brand identity

February 10, 2021

SoftFil® is getting a facelift, discover our new brand identity

In a decade, SoftFil® has established itself in the aesthetic medicine and micro-cannula market. Throughout this period, we have continued to innovate and create revolutionary tools to secure injections and allow painless and atraumatic aesthetic procedures. To sign a new page in the history of our brand, we are pleased to announce the launch of its new identity.

The year 2020 has been synonymous with change for many companies. At SoftFil® it has been synonymous with evolution. In a market as changing as the aesthetic medicine market, it was necessary to adapt our identity to an image that we want to be modern and fresh, while respecting our historical attributes.


SoftFil’s orange color: a timeless and iconic signature

Orange has been part of the brand’s DNA since the beginning. A true distinctive element, orange was originally chosen for its association with the international color code of 25G needles. Associated with values such as energy and action, this color perfectly matches the values advocated by SoftFil®. We wanted to keep this emblematic color of the brand but slightly modify its tone in order to modernize our image.


Old orange               New orange


The first SoftFil® logo was established when the company was founded in 2009. Its very didactic design was intended to seem familiar to aesthetic medicine professionals. It perfectly illustrated our core business: the micro-cannula. Over the years, SoftFil’s work has borne fruit: the brand is internationally recognized for the quality of its products and its reliability. It is present in the daily practice of thousands of aesthetic doctors around the world. We therefore wanted to mark this brand influence and turn a new page in our history by creating a new logo. The SoftFil product lines are now divided into two distinct parts: SoftFil® Medical and SoftFil® Cosmetics. Our SoftFil Medical range, dedicated to medical devices, now has its own logo. An orange logo, redesigned to represent the history and core business of SoftFil®, adapted to our modern graphic codes.

First SoftFil logo                                                  Current SoftFil logo

SoftFil® Medical is the branch of our activity reserved for healthcare professionals. It is pledged to include all SoftFil® needle ranges, the Precision, Classic, Essencia lines and also our patented (and revolutionary!) EasyGuide pre-hole pilot needles.

An equally significant new color is entering the palette of the new SoftFil® identity. Black, whose meaning is associated with wisdom and humility but also with elegance, has been chosen to represent our range of innovative cosmetic products dedicated to professionals and partly to the general public: SoftFil® Cosmetics.


Our New Promise: Shaping the Future of Beauty

SoftFil® would not exist without its commitments, which boost the brand to evolve in the aesthetic medicine field. “Creating high quality products and finding the best innovations to offer a unique SoftFil experience to aesthetic physicians and patients” has always been the watchword at SoftFil®.

After more than ten years in the market, SoftFil® has continued to apply the five values it holds dear: collaboration, innovation, excellence, integrity and people first. These strong values, which are proof of commitment, have guided him to become one of the main players in its sector today. Passionate about the desire to positively change the world of beauty and aesthetics, the baseline “Design the future of beauty” therefore naturally came to complement and strengthen our change in identity. We wanted to shape our more recent ambitions, to strengthen our commitments, affirm our mission and declare our passion for the universe of beauty as a whole.


A new website that meets our expectations

After defining all the central elements of our new identity, the most significant change, vehicle of our image throughout the world was our website.

We are grateful to the By Us team and our graphic designer Laura Tendron who worked hand in hand with our Marketing team to offer users a fresh and dynamic looking site. This platform is accompanied by simple and responsive navigation, and highlights our expertise in the market. A big novelty of our website is the addition of a blog section, the Soft Medical Journal, which will be regularly updated with articles to inform users about the latest innovations in aesthetic medicine. These changes will be adapted to all of our communication media. Social networks represent an essential means of expression that we wish to continue to nourish while respecting our new identity. Our goal is to keep close and exclusive contact with each of our clients and to meet their needs as well as possible.

To finish in style, we hope that our new identity as well as our new site will offer you a smoother user experience and facilitate your research. Modernized while affirming the colors of which we are proud, we hope that this new image will please you and will continue to affirm our strong presence in the market of micro-cannulas, aesthetic medicine and cosmetics.

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