SoftFil® Skin Roller

SoftFil® Skin Roller

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Micro-needles to maximize the potential of the active ingredients on the skin!

To be used after the application of a cosmetic treatment.

Single-use product.

Made of fine, high-quality stainless steel needles, the SoftFil® Skin Roller is an indispensable tool for boosting the effectiveness of cosmetic treatments. It combines the proven effectiveness of micro-needles with SoftFil® expertise for optimised beauty care.

The ergonomic design of the SoftFil® Skin Roller has been studied to guarantee comfort and safety of use. Its micro-needles create tiny channels in the upper layers of the epidermis. Used in combination with a cosmetic treatment, the SoftFil® Skin Roller opens the skin’s micropores to ensure better penetration of active ingredients (creams, serums) and maximise their effects on the skin. This technology facilitates skin exfoliation, ideal for improving the appearance of enlarged pores, and helps to erase impurities.

Post-Act Solutions is the cosmetic range for professionals to optimise the results of aesthetic procedures and guarantee patient comfort. Resulting from years of expertise, the SoftFil® products in the Post-Act Solutions range are designed for doctors who want to offer their patients a complete wellness treatment and a radiant result.

2 different needle heads available.

Details :

2 different needle heads :

For eyes and lips, 0.2 mm: Needle head covered with 240 needles recommended for delicate areas.

For the face, 0.5 mm: Needle head covered with 540 needles for medical use.

SoftFil® Skin Rollers are intended for use by a health care professional only after a skin diagnosis.

Why SoftFil® Skin Roller?

SoftFil® Skin Roller facilitates the penetration of creams and serums for optimal hydration, as well as improved skin texture to leave skin visibly smoother, softer and firmer. Its ergonomic structure is comfortable and allows a firm grip and adapted pressure. The product is sterile, delivered in a rigid transparent case for the protection of its needles.

SoftFil® offers two different roller references with various needle sizes: SoftFil® Skin Roller Face 0.50mm and SoftFil Skin Roller Lips & Eyes 0.20mm.

Which SoftFil® Skin Roller to choose?

The SoftFil® Skin roller Face is made up of 540 micro-needles of 0.50mm length. Ideal for the entire face, avoiding sensitive areas of the skin, this derma-roller combined with a cosmetic treatment leaves the skin visibly firmer, smoother and more radiant.

The SoftFil® Skin roller Lips & Eyes is made up of 240 micro-needles of 0.20mm length. Ideal for the sensitive areas around the eyes and lips, this derma-roller features fine needles that allow a gentle and effective local treatment.

Application Protocol

1. Preparation

Remove make-up and clean the skin thoroughly with products adapted to the skin type treated. Apply an antiseptic solution to the skin. 

2. Application of the cosmetic treatment ingredients

Apply the cosmetic evenly to the targeted areas. 

3. Use of the SoftFil® Skin roller

Run the roller head vertically, horizontally and diagonally over the targeted area, applying gentle, constant pressure. The use of the roller for 60 seconds on the different areas of the face is sufficient for an optimal action. Avoid contact with the eyelids and lips.

Which skin care routine?

The SoftFil® Skin roller is part of a SoftFil® cosmetic care routine, designed to optimise the results of aesthetic treatments and ensure patient comfort and satisfaction:

The SoftSkin Routine: Combining the SoftFil® Post-Act Mask and the SoftFil® Skin Roller, the SoftSkin Routine is the ultimate post-treatment cosmetic care to offer patients a moment of well-being and ensure moisturised, soft and radiant skin.

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