Our brand

Our brand

SoftFil®, a pioneering brand with an innovative DNA

SoftFil® is a French brand that aims to redefine aesthetics with more safety, simplicity and comfort for injectors.

Our priority is innovation, constantly seeking to develop new products and approaches that equip healthcare professionals with the necessary tools to provide the best possible results for their patients.

Creator of reliable and safe tools for practitioners

SoftFil has developed several ranges of products and services such as:

  • The SoftFil® Precision range, the widest range of micro-cannulas on the market to elevate the injection experience
  • The SoftFil® EasyGuide, a revolutionary smart pre-hole needle for optimized cannula injections
  • The SoftFil® Post-Act Solutions range of cosmetic cares aimed for medical professionals to optimize their aesthetic procedures and improve their patients’ comfort.
  • The SoftFil Academy, a training platform to teach safe injection techniques to qualified injectors, in collaboration with world-renowned aesthetic medicine experts.

The SoftFil® brand: a guaranteed quality

Since its introduction, SoftFil has adhered to a stringent quality policy, with a strong focus on the satisfaction of both aesthetic medical professionals and patients.

The company has several certifications, including ISO 13485: 2016 / EN ISO 13485: 2016. Its SoftFil® Precision and SoftFil® EasyGuide injection medical devices are certified by GMed and are marked CE0459, they are guaranteed 100% sterile, single-use and strictly reserved for healthcare professionals.

A member of the Prollenium family

SoftFil® became part of the Prollenium Medical Technologies inc. in May 2022, which completes the company’s brand portfolio including Revanesse® dermal fillers and SoftFil® innovative medical devices.

The common mission of the SoftFil® and Revanesse® brands was a determining factor in the choice of this acquisition. Both companies are committed to improving the safety and efficacy of procedures in the aesthetic medicine industry. Prollenium’s founder and CEO, Ario Koshbin, said his company’s acquisition of SoftFil® was a “natural fit”.

The combination of SoftFil® medical devices and Revanesse® dermal fillers affirms their intrinsic focus on innovation to provide practitioners with powerful tools and patients with optimal results.