How to inject the buttocks area with fillers and micro-cannulas?

July, 20 2022

How to inject the buttocks area with fillers and micro-cannulas?

buttocks injection with microcannula

The popularity of body aesthetic procedures has seen a notable increase over the years. Advances in body filler injections have made it easy for patients to achieve the body they want without the downtime or risk of complications. In response to this trend, SoftFil® has exclusively launched the SoftFil® Precision line of micro-cannulas suitable for body injections. In this article, we’ll show you how to get great results in the buttocks with SoftFil® micro cannulas for the body.

Whether it’s due to curvaceous trends, changes due to aging, excess cellulite or drastic weight loss, many women are unhappy with the size or shape of their buttocks. As a result, there is a growing demand for buttock augmentation procedures, including buttock implants and buttock injections.

On the cosmetic surgery side, the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) has gained popularity to become the most popular buttock injection procedure. Buttock lipofilling is a procedure that, as its name suggests, comes from Brazil and consists of removing fat from an area of the body (lower back, flanks, stomach or thighs) by liposuction and grafting it onto the upper quadrant of the buttocks in order to increase their volume by drawing a more attractive shape and tightening the loose skin by filling. However, for the less invasive aesthetic medicine sector, hyaluronic acid fillers targeted for the body have been developed and are increasingly used for buttock volume augmentation. These, combined with SoftFil® micro-cannulas, offer a solution for patients who want to make subtle changes to the contours of their buttocks without surgery.

What are the advantages of hyaluronic acid injection in the buttocks area?

Hyaluronic acid treatment for the buttocks area in combination with the SoftFil® micro-cannula has many advantages, both for the aesthetic doctor and the patient. In fact, according to cosmetic surgeon and SoftFil® Academy expert Dr. Francesco Marchetti, the advantages of fillers include:

  • More safety: Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance found in the human body. Combined with the round tip of the micro-cannula, this treatment minimizes side effects and pain compared to surgical treatments.
  • Fewer side effects: Injections in the buttocks area with the adapted micro-cannulas allow a quick healing of the body with little trauma. Swelling or bruising may occur, but the single point of entry provided by the cannula minimizes the risk of infection. In comparison, injection with a needle requires several days of healing because the injection technique used requires several entry points. The latter is painful and increases the risk of infection. Also, micro-cannula injections in the buttocks area avoid the need for painkillers or any antibiotic or corticosteroid treatment.
  • Possible adjustments: The injection procedure and the quantity injected can be adjusted according to the patient’s needs
  • Reversibility: In case of patient dissatisfaction, hyaluronic acid can be easily dissolved by hyaluronidase injections.

With the help of fillers, it is possible to add volume to the buttocks in less than 45 minutes, with minimal pain and recovery time. Hyaluronic acid fillers can be a safe and effective treatment, provided the injection professional has the proper knowledge and technique.

What are the best conditions for a perfect injection in the buttocks area?
The technique of body correction with hyaluronic acid is largely similar to that of facial injections. It allows for optimal results while minimizing complications. The ideal patient is looking to add volume to his or her buttocks, either because they are genetically flat, because they have lost their natural curves due to age or rapid weight loss, or simply because he or she wants to obtain a more generous shape.

As with any injection treatment, there are side effects if the protocol is not respected. Concerning the buttocks area, it is mandatory for the doctor to test the patient beforehand. The contraindications are the following:

  • Severe skin laxity
  • Poor quality of tissue coverage
  • Severe case of ptosis in the buttocks

Following this, it is important to specify that there is a part of the buttocks area where it is strongly recommended not to inject hyaluronic acid, especially in the lower part of the buttocks. Injections in this area only increase skin laxity and ptosis of the buttock area.

buttocks injection technique with softfil microcannula

Which parts of the buttocks to inject with which cannula?

In the case of a total lack of volume in the buttocks, it is preferable to perform a lift with hyaluronic acid to restore volume. It is recommended to use the SoftFil® Precision 18G70 mm or 90 mm micro-cannula because of its small diameter which will reduce pain.

The same advice applies to volume increases on the inner side of the buttock. It is recommended to warn the patient because this is the most sensitive and painful area. To minimize pain and bruising, it is preferable to use SoftFil® Precision 18G70.

The SoftFil® experts recommend using the 16G or 18G to get the best results with hyaluronic acid.

Following numerous requests, we do not recommend injecting hyaluronic acid in this area with the 14G90 cannula because:

  • An incision in the skin is necessary,
  • There is a risk of migration of the hyaluronic acid from the incision,
  • In case of a large quantity of injected product, the patient can cause unsightly bumps.

What is the best method for micro-cannula injection in the gluteal area?

In a SoftFil Academy Live MasterClass, Dr. Francesco Marchetti, an Italian cosmetic surgeon specializing in the injection of the area, shared his method of injecting the buttocks. Discover all his secrets to offer your patients perfect and safe results.

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