SoftFil® Precision Micro-cannulas
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SoftFil® Precision Micro-cannulas


Discover SoftFil’s range of cannulas designed for body and face injections.

The SoftFil® PRECISION microcannula is internationally recognized for its design, created for the comfort and safety of both physicians and patients. Its design allows an easy cannula insertion, a precise product placement and an optimal comfort for the patient.

22 sizes from 14G to 30G.

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A round tip for greater safety

The round tip of the SoftFil® micro-cannula minimizes the risk of embolization and vascular complications. Atraumatic, it prevents superficial blood effusion*.

* CER/SIK Report

A clear orifice indicator for more control

The red dot on the base indicates the position of the product outlet to control the dispensing of the product with the greatest precision*.

*USE-CEG Report

A Luer Lock base for greater resistance

The base of the SoftFil® microcannula is specially designed for a reinforced connection with the microcannula to facilitate the daily gesture of the aesthetic doctor*.

*Part 8 “Design verification” of the TD-SIK.

A graduated design for more accuracy

The centimetre graduations are a unique way of accuratly identifying the location of the tip of the microcannula for more precise injection*.

*USE-CEG Report.

An extra-thin wall to reach the right balance between rigidity and flexibility

The SoftFil® microcannula ensures a smooth gliding inside the tissue and an appropriate rigidity of the microcannula to inject in the deep plane without any flexion*.

*Part 8 “Design verification” of the TD-SIK.
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Siliconized stainless steel tubes for greater comfort

A surface treatment is carried out on the tubes of the SoftFil® micro-cannulas in order to ensure a gliding action adapted to the skin tissue, to reduce patient discomfort and to improve the handling of the microcannula*.

*Part 8 “Design verification” of the TD-SIK.

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