How to inject safely with SoftFil® microcannula ?

February 27, 2023

How to inject safely with SoftFil® microcannula ?

Microcannulas have revolutionized aesthetic medicine by allowing doctors to safely inject fillers into targeted areas of the face and body with minimal discomfort or downtime for patients. When used correctly, the cannulas can provide amazing results but they must be used properly, with the proper injection technique. By understanding how to choose the right microcannula for each area as well as taking all necessary steps to ensure safety during every procedure, we can maximize our patients’ satisfaction while minimizing any potential risks! With proper knowledge and experience using these tools we can create natural results that last longer than ever before! Let’s take a look at what you need to know about using microcannulas safely for aesthetic medicine.

No matter which area you are treating with a microcannula or whatever injection medical device, safety in aesthetic medicine should always be your first priority. Before beginning any procedure make sure that all necessary steps have been taken to ensure sterility and safety. Make sure that both yourself and your patient understand how the product will be used before beginning any filler treatment – this will reduce any potential risks associated with administering an injection. Additionally, keep up with proper aftercare instructions for your patient so they can enjoy their results for longer


Why choose a microcannula over a traditional needle for dermal filler injections?

When it comes to filler injections, many cosmetic physicians have a serious dilemma about their injection tool whether a blunt tip microcannula or a traditional needle. A traditional needle is a hollow cylindrical tool, pointed at one end and beveled at the other. It is used to inject hyaluronic acid fillers under the skin. However, using traditional needles can cause pain, bleeding, bruising and hematomas.

The micro-cannula is an alternative to the traditional needle that is longer, more flexible and more rounded. It is designed to minimize trauma and pain caused by injections under the skin. Unlike the traditional needle, the micro-cannula has a round, non-pointed tip, which allows it to glide more easily under the skin and bypass the blood vessels and nerves on the way. SoftFil is a pioneer in micro-cannulas in the aesthetic medicine sector. Present on the market since 2009, SoftFil’s main goal is to provide tools for easier and safer injections. Over the years, we developed two medical device ranges: the SoftFil Precision micro cannula line that is the widest on the market with over 22 sizes suitable for all areas of the face and body and the SoftFil EasyGuide, an awarded smart pre-hole needle sold in a kit with microcannulas that come in 8 sizes.  We strive to cover all needs and shapes necessary for a safer practice of aesthetic medicine.

Several scientific studies by injection experts have compared the level of safety for patients between micro-cannulas and needles. In his latest scientific study “Aspiration before tissue filler – an exercise in futility and unsafe practice” by Dr. Greg J. Goodman (2022), it was deduced that to avoid vascular occlusion and risks related to intravascular injections, it is still safer to use micro cannulas as they are more flexible and do not damage the tissue during injection due to their round tip.


How to choose the most appropriate microcannula for each area?

In order to choose the right micro-cannula for your procedure, several factors must be taken into consideration. Firstly, a good knowledge of the anatomy is essential before starting any hyaluronic acid injection with a micro-cannula. Secondly, the size of the cannula is essential – too small and you won’t get enough product into the area; too large and you risk damaging or bruising. The texture of the patient’s skin is also important – if it is thin or fragile, use a smaller cannula. Also, consider the depth of the injection – superficial injections will require a smaller cannula than deeper injections. Finally, consider where you are injecting – some areas may require larger or smaller cannulas depending on their specific anatomy. By carefully considering all of these factors when choosing your microcannula, you can ensure that you get the best possible results while minimizing the risks associated with using larger needles and syringes.


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When it comes to which areas can benefit from microcannulas, there is no one-size-fits-all answer; it depends on individual patients and their unique needs. Generally speaking though, most facial contouring procedures that cover large areas such as cheekbone augmentation and jawline sculpting can benefit from a one entry point microcannula fanning technique because of its precision and accuracy in placing product exactly where it needs to go without causing excessive bruising or swelling. Danger zones such as temples or tear troughs are also indicated to use micro-cannulas for evident safety reasons. Other areas such as lips may also benefit from this type of treatment depending on individual needs and might be combined with a needle for more precise results.

SoftFil tip : 

To help you, SoftFil’s scientific teams have created an educational guide for practitioners converting to the micro-cannula. These sizes are ideal for both superficial and deep injection areas and are compatible with all types of fillers regardless of the degree of cross-linking. 

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SoftFil Manifesto 

At SoftFil, we are dedicated to developing the safest environment for physicians in the aesthetics industry through a variety of products from micro-cannulas and needles to cosmetics. We are committed to promoting these best practices through education, accessible for all, from anywhere in the world, with our academy. 

Our values at SoftFil include excellence in which we aim to provide the best products in the medical industry for our clients and the safest possible outcome for their patients.


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