Expanding Horizons and Improving Aesthetic Medicine: SoftFil’s Missions

Expanding Horizons and Improving Aesthetic Medicine: SoftFil’s Missions

Soft Medical Aesthetics, a Prollenium Medical Technologies group company, has been at the forefront of advancements in aesthetic medicine with its groundbreaking SoftFil microcannulas for 14 years. While the company has primarily focused on microcannula development, it has recently expanded its mission to provide comprehensive solutions that enhance safety, efficacy, and comfort in aesthetic medicine procedures. Soft Medical Aesthetics’s new strategic approach reflects its unwavering commitment to continually improve and revolutionize the field of aesthetic medicine.


The Pillars of Soft Medical Aesthetics’s missions: Safety, Easiness, and Comfort

Soft Medical Aesthetics’s new direction revolves around three fundamental pillars of aesthetic medicine: safety, easiness, and comfort. By placing a strong emphasis on these aspects, Soft Medical Aesthetics aims to optimize the experience for both patients and practitioners. The company’s commitment to safety is exemplified through its ongoing research and development efforts to further enhance microcannulas safety. Furthermore, Soft Medical Aesthetics actively seeks partnerships with manufacturers who share their vision for advancing the field of aesthetic medicine.

Prioritizing Safety: SoftFil’s Commitment to Patient Well-being in Aesthetic Medicine

Safety is of paramount importance in aesthetic medicine, and Soft Medical Aesthetics is committed to providing safe and effective solutions to its patients. The use of SoftFil microcannula for injections offers several safety advantages compared to traditional needles.

When it comes to patient safety, Soft Medical Aesthetics is dedicated to using high-quality products and maintaining strict standards of hygiene and sterilization. They ensure that all microcannulas used are single-use and properly disposed of after each procedure. Additionally, practitioners at Soft Medical Aesthetics are trained in best practices for microcannula injections, reducing the risks of errors or procedure-related complications. Furthermore, to continue emphasizing safety, SoftFil has established the SoftFil Academy to reach a wider audience of physicians or injectors who want to safely explore the use of microcannulas.

Unlocking the Power of Easiness: SoftFil’s User-Friendly Microcannulas for Effortless Injections

Ease of use is one of the central pillars of Soft Medical Aesthetics’ new strategy. By focusing on convenience and accessibility, the company strives to optimize the experience for both patients and practitioners in the field of aesthetic medicine. Soft Medical Aesthetics offers a range of innovative products that embody this commitment to simplicity. 

One such product is EasyGuide, a micro-cannula specifically designed to provide precise and controlled injections. With the EasyGuide micro-cannula, practitioners can navigate with ease with the smart needle, ensuring accurate placement and minimizing discomfort for patients. Additionally, in 2021, Soft Medical Aesthetics has introduced in Topilase, another groundbreaking product that addresses skin irregularities following hyaluronic acid injections. 

Topilase simplifies the process of minimizing skin irregularities, offering a user-friendly solution that enhances safety and effectiveness. By providing products like EasyGuide and Topilase, Soft Medical Aesthetics exemplifies its dedication to making aesthetic procedures more accessible and user-friendly, revolutionizing the field of aesthetic medicine.

Topilase: Redefining Minimizing Skin Irregularities

In 2021, Soft Medical Aesthetics introduced a groundbreaking product called Topilase, which aims to minimize skin irregularities in the tear trough area following hyaluronic acid (HA) injections. This innovative solution showcases Soft Medical Aesthetics’s dedication to innovation by addressing a critical concern in aesthetic medicine. By mitigating the risk of complications, Topilase significantly improves the overall safety and effectiveness of HA injections, perfectly aligning with Soft Medical Aesthetics’s new strategic focus.

“Enhancing Comfort: Soft Medical Aesthetics’ Focus on Optimal Aesthetic Experience”

Continuous research and development at Soft Medical Aesthetics are focused on creating innovative solutions that optimize the comfort of aesthetic procedures. With their commitment to the comfort of both patients and practitioners, Soft Medical Aesthetics establishes itself as an industry leader by offering products that not only enhance aesthetic outcomes but also improve the overall patient experience.

Comfort is a major priority for Soft Medical Aesthetics, our company strives to create aesthetic solutions that provide a comfortable experience for both patients and practitioners.Through advanced products and technologies, the company aims to enhance patient well-being and facilitate the work of practitioners. By pushing the boundaries of comfort in the field of aesthetic medicine, Soft Medical Aesthetics is committed to delivering positive and satisfying experiences for all stakeholders involved.

Soft Medical Aesthetics’s new missions signifies an exciting new chapter in the company’s journey. By expanding its focus to encompass safety, easiness, and comfort, Soft Medical Aesthetics is poised to make an even greater impact in the field of aesthetic medicine. Through unwavering dedication to research and development, as well as strategic partnerships, Soft Medical Aesthetics will continue to pave the way for a safer, more efficient, and comfortable experience for both patients and practitioners. With a firm commitment to its missions, Soft Medical Aesthetics is set to redefine the boundaries of aesthetic medicine and drive the industry forward.



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