Acquisition of SoftFil® by the Canadian group Prollenium

October, 3 2022

Acquisition of SoftFil® by the Canadian group Prollenium

prollenium acquires softfil

SoftFil®, the pioneering French brand of micro-cannulas and innovative cosmetics, has been acquired by the Canadian dermal filler group Prollenium.

The French company SoftFil® became part of the Prollenium Group in May 2022, which completes its brand portfolio with Revanesse® dermal fillers and SoftFil® innovative medical devices.

The common mission of the SoftFil® and Revanesse® brands was a determining factor in the choice of this acquisition. Both companies are committed to improving the safety and efficacy of procedures in the aesthetic medicine industry. Prollenium’s founder and CEO, Ario Koshbin, said his company’s acquisition of SoftFil® was a “natural fit. The combination of SoftFil® medical devices and Revanesse® dermal fillers affirms their intrinsic focus on innovation to provide practitioners with powerful tools and patients with optimal results.

Commenting on the announcement, Ario Koshbin said: “It has always been a personal and professional ambition to lead the aesthetic market for the benefit of the consumer, cultivating innovation and technology, with safety at the heart of everything we do.” SoftFil® founder Dr. Sandrine Sebban says: “Prollenium is building a strong aesthetic empire. SoftFil is designed to push the boundaries of innovation to achieve beautiful, precise but above all safe results. Prollenium’s products are revolutionary and are the perfect partners for us, as we share the same values and vision.”

The objective of this acquisition by Prollenium is to keep the independence and identity of the SoftFil® brand and to strengthen its international presence by developing creative synergies between the two brands SoftFil® and Revanesse.

  • About Prollenium :

Prollenium Medical Technologies Inc. is a Canadian company located in Aurora, Ontario, that has been developing and marketing hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers for over 20 years under the Revanesse brand. The company is strongly committed to the research and development of safe and effective products.

Prollenium is proud to be the first and only producer of injectables in Canada. The manufacturing site uses a fully automated process where sterilization, packaging, quality control and research and development are done in-house. All Prollenium products are ISO 13485 compliant, Health Canada approved, CE certified and FDA approved in the United States.

  • About Revanesse:

Revanesse® is a brand of hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers (available in 1.2 ml syringes with or without lidocaine). Its complete range of products is designed to create natural results for each patient. Revanesse® has revolutionized the aesthetic market with its commitment to providing not only exceptional results but also enhanced safety. Its products contain a high percentage of ultra-refined spherical particles that provide the perfect balance of smoothness and volume. The spherical particles were developed to be biocompatible and to break down slowly over time, amplifying the longevity of the results. With nearly 4 million syringes sold worldwide, the Revanesse® line is available in over 80 countries.

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