SoftFil® Precision Micro-cannulas

(Re) Discover expert range of micro-cannulas for different types of injections – PRP, HA and lipofilling – and clinical applications
The expert range of filler injection tools

The SoftFil® Precision range of micro-cannulae is based on high technology manufacturing, and matches the needs of demanding users. It has been conceived with a combination of details which greatly facilitate precise procedures.

Just try and enjoy main innovations:
  • centimetric graduation along the stainless steel tube for a symmetrical depth of injection,
  • surface treatment to allow a perfect sliding into skin,
  • extra-large internal caliber to reduce injection pressure,
  • red dot on hub indicating location of side orifice for a precise injection.
    And of course, these new features of the Precision range come in addition to all the advantages of the SoftFil® Classic line of micro-cannulas.

Broad series of high technology cannulae

15 different sizes carefully designed to match all needs

Graduations allow control of injection level

Easy to adjust injection depth symmetrically

Less injection pressure needed

The XL internal caliber requires less pressure to inject thick fillers

Improved rheology for smoother product flow

Filler molecules less subject to physical constraint

Mark on hub shows site of side orifice

Orifice easily spotted even when cannula is inserted into the skin


SoftFil® micro-cannulas are sterile and single use medical devices, class II.a, to be used by certified medical practionners only – CE0120.

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