SoftFil® Needle

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The expert range of Needles

Following the initial launch of the SoftFil® Precision micro-cannulas known as the Reference on the market dedicated to filler injections, Soft Medical Aesthetics improves continuously its aesthetic injection tools for the sake of innovation and quality.
The new range of SoftFil® Needle is a result of high-technology manufacturing, and matches the needs of users with high expectations for fillers and mesotherapy injections.
These needles are ideal for either a local and precise injection or a bolus injection,  point per point.
Particularly for the injections of the nose, columella, marionette lines, dark circles, décolleté as well as the hands.

The main innovations of the new Softfil® Needle are:
  • Centimetric graduation along the stainless steel tube for symmetrical injection depth,
  • Red dot on hub indicating bevel location for precise injections,
  • Surface treatment to allow perfect sliding into skin,
  • Extra-large internal caliber to reduce injection pressure.

SoftFil® Needle are sterile and single use medical devices, class II.a, to be used by certified medical practionners only – CE0120.

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