softfil_classic_boxSince a few years ago, the sole treatment of wrinkles performed classically has been progressively replaced by a deeper volumizing approach (fat loss of jowls and temporal areas, sagging of the lower part of the face, deep wrinkles etc…). This approach aims to restore the natural features of the face, without the exaggerated appearance many have come to expect with the conventional type of injections. The final result for patients using fillers is a much more natural, subtle and beautiful look.

Associated with this newer method of treatment, a revolutionary technique was developed based on the work of anti-aging experts: the Soft Filling Technique. This technique is performed in order to treat patients without pain or complications. The entire face can be treated, as well as the neck, chest, and hands for both women and men. This method uses the SoftFil blunt-tip needles, which can be compared to thin fibers sliding softly into the skin tissue.

The Soft Filling Technique : for natural and immediate results

The Soft Filling Technique

The Soft Filling Technique is able to give some volume back to the face, lips and the correction of wrinkles in a very subtle way. The technique allows the treatment of the face as a whole, restoring its natural features. The patient’s face is treated using only a few insertion points, typically 2 to 4, on each side of the face.

Lower risk of hematomas

A new type of needles is used in conjunction with the Soft Filling Technique. The SoftFil needles are flexible and manufactured with a blunt tip, allowing for a soft penetration into the skin. The needles can slide in the under layer of the dermis without damaging the blood vessels.

Lesser pain

The Soft Filling Technique virtually does not traumatize the tissues and therefore does not require anesthesia. There are also fewer inflammatory reactions than with the technique using sharp tip needles. The patient experiences more comfort during and after the procedure.

Natural and homogenous results

Some filler product is injected into the different layers of the skin, either superficially or deeply, or both. This provides a more durable and more homogenous result. .

Main entry points


How is the treatment done?

The face is observed as a whole and also by areas: its general look, the volume losses, the aging areas, the wrinkles, the lips…

Each area is treated from a unique insertion point, thanks to a SoftFil® blunt tip needle, and is massaged firmly to distribute the injected product inside the skin.

Different types of fillers are available on the market. Each practitioner has the freedom of choice based on his treatment habits.

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