Topilase®, the innovative care to safely reduce skin swellings

June 17, 2021

Topilase®, the innovative care to safely reduce skin swellings

Discover the exceptional power of Topilase®, our new patented hyaluronic acid dermo-adjust care. 

Designing the future of beauty safely has always been at the heart of SoftFil®’s philosophy. Our company advocates for the safest micro-cannula injection experience with the fewest side effects. With this in mind, SoftFil® Cosmetics has created Topilase®, a natural alternative to injectable hyaluronidase.

An innovative treatment that gently erases excess hyaluronic acid 

Topilase® is an innovative topical care product created by an aesthetic doctor. Born out of the growing prevalence of patients leaving the doctor’s office disappointed by the appearance of their face following a hyaluronic acid injection, it required several years of research and development. 

Although hyaluronic acid injections using micro-cannulas are the safest injections, “No one is safe from a mistake“. Oedematous reactions are possible after an injection. This is apparent in the aesthetic results of patients who are left with excessive or unevenly injected areas. These asymmetries are generally found in the dark circles, nose and lips, areas that must be injected with a perfect technique. 

Until now, there has been no effective topical treatment to erase or fade injection errors. Topilase® is the first non-injectable patented skin care product composed of ingredients of natural origin capable of smoothing out irregularities, reducing the voluminous appearance following an injection, or adjusting the level of hyaluronic acid present in the skin or even reabsorbing excess product. 

Various inconveniences related to injections 

The creation of an easy-to-use topical product that erases some of the side effects associated with hyaluronic acid injections was necessary. In fact, more and more practitioners in aesthetic medicine are receiving patients traumatized by the results. The incidence rate of problematic results is increasing with the number of procedures and the expansion of injection consumers ranging from millenials to septuagenarians. 

Among the main side effects listed by aesthetic doctors worldwide: 

  • Swelling due to an excessive amount of injected filler
  • Asymmetry 
  • Injection of a product whose texture and density do not correspond to the treated area 
  • Over-injection of the lips and an unnatural or non-harmonious result compared to the morphology of the face 
  • The appearance of granulomas, rare with hyaluronic acid, in reaction to the presence of a foreign material.

In the most severe cases, patients have the impression that they no longer recognize themselves, that their expressions have changed or that they have a visible and unnatural hyper-injected appearance. The reactions of those around them can be negative, severe or even mocking. 

This disapproval, combined with the alteration of their features, makes them feel anxious, guilty and ashamed, and in the most serious cases, can lead them to a depressive state. 

Topilase®: a safer alternative to hyaluronidase 

Before the creation of Topilase®, the only treatment on the market to deal with the serious complications of hyaluronic acid injections was injectable hyaluronidase, an enzyme that induces the accelerated disintegration of hyaluronic acid and which is authorized in specific cases and within a hyper-regulated framework. The latter has only been authorized since 2017 by the French High Authority of Health and is only reserved for surgeons, ophthalmologists and dermatologists. 

Unlike Topilase®, hyaluronidase is of bovine, ovine, bacterial or testicular origin. Despite its considerable effectiveness, some patients experience an allergic reaction triggered by ingredients of animal origin. In addition, sometimes doctors and patients notice a softening of the skin leading to skin laxity, and significant dehydration with a slow recovery that extends over one or two months. 

Created to avoid these inconveniences, Topilase® is a topical cream with a patented formula based on an enzymatic complex of lipase, protease and hyaluronidase in addition to natural ingredients known for their soothing and repairing effects: aloe vera, lavender, hydrangea, myrrh and cistus. The ideal formulation to effectively reduce unsightly surface volumes. 


A protocol for every form of irregularity 

In order to use Topilase® effectively and achieve the desired results, there is a protocol for each situation. 

  • Small corrections or surface irregularities: Apply a thin layer of Topilase® to the area and massage it in. The whole procedure is done in 1 or 2 sessions depending on the practitioner. 
  • Excess volume in the cheekbones: Apply a layer of Topilase® and massage to sculpt and refine the result. 
  • Pockets with bluish highlights under the eyes: Apply two successive thin layers of Topilase® on the lower eyelid. The whole process requires between 2 and 4 sessions. 
  • Overly puffy lips: Apply a dose adjusted to the volume and type of product injected. The whole protocol can be done between 1 to 3 sessions. 


In addition to safety and ease of use, Topilase® was created because SoftFil® Cosmetics believes in the individual definition of beauty. It allows you to naturally perfect your results based on your patients’ desires.

Together, we can safely design the future of beauty. 

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