SoftFil® Topilase®

SoftFil® Topilase®


Topilase® is a topically applied cosmetic that improves the appearance of skin injected with hyaluronic acid. Topilase® can be massaged onto the skin to reduce the appearance of irregularities caused by hyaluronic acid injections. The use of Topilase® is recommended in the periorbital area.

This patent-pending solution smoothes the skin with no reported side effects.

Topilase® is strictly reserved for health professionals registered with the order of physicians.

Sold in a 3ml bottle with a dosing tip.

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An efficient topical dermo-adjust care

Created by an aesthetic doctor, Topilase® is an innovative care that adjusts without risk the appearance of irregularities or swellings in the tear-trough area.

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Reduces the appearance of swelling to restore the eye contour natural look


Models and evens the surface of the skin.


Smooths surface irregularities and improves the appearance of the skin previously injected with hyaluronic acid

A patent-pending formula of 100% natural origin ingredients

Patent number : WO200937566

Topilase® is presented in a double compartment vial containing:

1. A liquid solution

concentrated in 100% natural ingredients.

2. An enzymatic complex

concentrated in dispersing agents to improve skin's absorption.

An easy protocol of use

Topilase® is a cosmetic care strictely reserved for healthcare professionnals. SoftFil® Topilase® is not to be compared with injectable hyaluronidase. The effects of Topilase® are superficial to correct skin irregularities. Any strong secondary effect must be dealt with the appropriate emergency treatment.

Discover how to use Topilase® with this tutorial video.

A solution for
tear-trough skin irregularities

It is recommended to use Topilase® in the tear-trough area. The topical care is particularly efficient in this sensitive zone where hyaluronic acid injections can create swellings. Application results under the eye have proven efficient with no reported side effects. 

They have tested and recommend Topilase®

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