SoftFil® Post-Act Mask

SoftFil® Post-Act Mask

SoftFil® Post-Act Mask is the ideal professional mask to complement the effects of cosmetic treatments. Made from hyaluronic acid, it is the ultimate solution to soothe, moisturize and plump the skin in just 15 minutes.

SoftFil® Post-Act Mask is intended for use by a healthcare professional after a skin diagnosis.

The SoftFil® Post-Act Mask formula moisturizes, softens skin and visibly reduces wrinkles. It revitalizes the skin to restore radiance and freshness to the complexion. It can be offered to patients as a maintenance treatment to prolong its benefits and prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

Post-Act Solutions is the cosmetic range for professionals to optimize the results of cosmetic procedures. The result of years of expertise, SoftFil® products from the Post-Act Solutions range are designed for physicians who want to offer their patients complete care and outstanding results.

Why use SoftFil® Post-Act Mask?

After cosmetic procedures, the skin’s protective barrier is often weakened. For over 10 years, SoftFil® has been developing its formulation to provide an effective cosmetic solution for doctors, and to improve the patient experience.

A combination of carefully selected active ingredients impregnates this “second skin effect” cellulose mask, promoting the penetration of the product.

Approved by doctors, this clinically proven* mask is one of the most powerful on the market and works for twice as hydrated skin in just 15 minutes.

90% of people who have tested the Post-Act Mask recommend this product*

*Satisfaction Study by SoftFil, 2016

A formula of powerful active ingredients

The effectiveness of the product is based on a unique combination of substances with scientifically proven effects, including :

Glycerin: hydrating
Excellent lubricant and high hydration capacity. Provides a creamy texture for a non-greasy velvety touch.

Hyaluronic acid: repulping
This molecule is a protective film-forming moisturizing agent that protects the skin from external exposure. It is known for its plumping and regenerating properties. It restores the skin’s smooth and radiant appearance.

Urea: purifying
Naturally present in the body, it removes dead cells leaving the skin glowing. Urea improves the permeability of the skin to promote the effects of other ingredients.

Proven results

after a single application of the Post-Act Mask*.

more hydration
+ 0 %
more brightness
+ 0 %
more plumped up skin
+ 0 %
wrinkles and fine lines
- 0 %
more flexibility
+ 0 %

*Clinical study E15125 under dermatological control conducted by an independent organization – 10 patients after 1 use. Statistically significant average result.

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A simple protocol

  1. Unfold the mask and apply carefully to the previously cleansed face,
  2. Remove the white film gently,
  3. Leave on for 15-20 minutes,
  4. Remove the patches (single use) and massage the excess product into the skin. Do not rinse.

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