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An advanced micro- cannula training platform

The SoftFil® Academy is growing into an online platform to educate physicians on micro-cannula injections. Our tutorials and LIVE Masterclasses are free of charge and only a click away after registration!

Our platform will also keep you updated on all our upcoming events worldwide: symposiums, workshops or private trainings.

An online training platform for medical professionals to get the best education on cannula injection.

Dr Sandrine Sebban


"My experience in injecting fillers over the last 20 years has made me realize that our discipline requires practical skill with an anatomical rigor and an artistic approach. Therefore, the Softfil Academy was created with the aim of extending the secure injection techniques of fillers. It is essential that the lessons be given by the best international experts. All courses are exclusively based on cannula injections and will help you develop solid foundation knowledge in anatomy, aesthetic guidelines and above all safe practice."


About us

Learn from the best

SoftFil’s values of sharing and transmission of scientific knowledge impacted our decision to create a quality, free of charge, online educational platform. Physicians around the world can learn from the best experts, carefully selected for their educational skills and experience using cannulas. They can choose from a wide range of topics and learn the latest methods and tips on hyaluronic acid injections.

Learn anywhere

SoftFil Academy’s platform was built so that physicians can acquire knowledge in aesthetic medicine from anywhere, whether in their office, at home, in transportation… our videos and live events are only a click away. Our content is subtitled in several languages (English, French, Spanish, German) so that a majority can understand and keep on learning.

Learn with the widest choice of fillers

Our team of SoftFil Academy experts are free of teaching and injecting with the widest range of fillers. They will be encouraged to give their opinion and advise practitioners according to their neutral experience with each formula..


Our experts

Deniz-Reza Rasmussen

Aesthetic Nurse

Dr Ove Andre Bjerkan

Aesthetic Physician

Dr Gabriela Casabona


Dr Marcus Mehta

Cosmetic Physician

Dr. Andrea Riffo Monsalve

Dental Surgeon

Dr Natalija Pavlovic

Cosmetic doctor

Dr El Mouttaki Mohamed Youssef

Aesthetic doctor

Dr Nina Bal

Cosmetic Dental Surgeon

& Events

Videos & Events

Transmission is at the core of our project so we made it our mission to reach an international audience easily and free of charge to deliver a quality education by experts in their fields.

The SoftFil Academy offers medical professionals a curated online experience with tutorials and LIVE Masterclasses specialized on cannula injections. You can also access information on our upcoming trainings and our Academy’s events worldwide.


Private trainings

Live Masterclasses

International workshops